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New Jersey home’s Halloween display has KKK ‘ghost’

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A New Jersey home adorned with multiple Confederate flags has a haunting new addition to its facade this Halloween — a ghost that neighbors say looks like a Ku Klux Klan member.

The ghoul, made from a white sheet, features a suspiciously pointed head.

“If it was just a ghost, it’d be fine,” local resident Doreen Koptyra told WNBC of the display at the home on Toms River Road in Jackson.

“But now that you have the flag up, that’s not acceptable.”

“That does look like Ku Klux Klan,” New Jersey native Al Bazel told the station.

“That’s not right. If they were going to do Halloween, I guess it’d be different … They gotta get on board with today, they can’t live in the past.”

The homeowner angrily declined to talk on camera but claimed he’s put up the display for years.

“No!” the man said when asked to talk. “Get the f–k out!”

The ghoul features a suspiciously pointed head resembling a KKK member, some neighbors say.
The ghoul features a suspiciously pointed head resembling a KKK member, some neighbors say.

The homeowner then moved his SUV in an attempt to block the display from a camera crew across the street. He also put up his middle finger while moving his vehicle, video shows.

But other local residents, including the man’s neighbors across the street, said they had no issue with the creepy decorations.

“It’s Halloween, people put decorations out, it is what it is,” Jeannette Benz told WNBC. “That’s all … doesn’t bother me, not at all.”

Benz said she believed the costumed figure was merely a ghost and nothing more.

“No, I think Halloween is Halloween,” she said.

Halloween display NJ
The Confederate flags above the home added to the suspicion over the pointy-hooded ghost.

But the president of the Toms River-area NAACP chapter told The Post the organization was looking into the matter and reported the display and its problematic imagery to local prosecutors.

“I think it looks like a KKK outfit rather than a Halloween costume,” Bahiyyah Abdullah said during a phone interview early Tuesday. “Having the flag above it just added to it. It’s very unfortunate that a holiday that is celebrated by so many appears to be tainted in that way.”


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